1-Hour Guarantee FAQs

What is the 1-Hour Guarantee?

During this year's Black Friday Event in stores, we are offering the 1-Hour Guarantee on select items. This program guarantees that you can purchase these items at the guaranteed price for one hour after the event start time. If, during this time, we run out of the physical merchandise, you will have the option to pay for the item(s) and we will get the item to your store on or before December 24, 2015, provided you register your receipt at our web site.

How long do I have to register?

You have until 11:59 p.m. Central Time on Monday, November 30, 2015 to register 1-Hour Guarantee purchases.

What if I registered but lost my receipt?

No problem! If you have a smartphone, a digital copy is available in the Just Deals Store App. Just log in using the same account you registered with. You can also use this email and a government-issued photo ID matching the name above in place of your receipt.

How do I create a digital copy of my 1-Hour Guarantee receipt (i.e., an eReceipt)?

There are two ways. First, from a smartphone or tablet, access the Just Deals Store App and click "Savings Catcher" and then "Scan a Receipt." At that point you can scan the QR code located at the bottom of your receipt. The second way is by registering your receipt on justdealsstore.com/1hourguarantee. By doing this, an eReceipt will automatically be created and associated with your justdealsstore.com account.

* Just Deals Store 1-Hour Guarantee items are not eligible for Savings Catcher.

How do I retrieve a digital copy of my 1-Hour Guarantee receipt (i.e., an eReceipt)?

To retrieve an eReceipt you must have already scanned your physical receipt or registered your receipt on justdealsstore.com/1hourguarantee. Then, from a smartphone or tablet, access the Just Deals Store App and log in to your account. Click on "Savings Catcher" and then "Your eReceipts."

* Just Deals Store 1-Hour Guarantee items are not eligible for Savings Catcher

Can I have more than one 1-Hour Guarantee item on one receipt?

Yes. A single receipt can contain multiple 1HG items, but can only contain one unit of each item.

Will I be able to purchase a product care plan at the register if I purchase a 1-Hour Guarantee item to be delivered by Christmas?

No, you will not be able to add a product care plan at the register if you are not receiving the physical item. You will be able to purchase a product care plan on the website during the registration process. You may also choose to purchase a product care plan when picking up your item.

If I have chosen to purchase a product care plan for my item when registering, how will I be charged?

Upon check out on justdealsstore.com, you will be prompted to input your payment information.  Your product care plan will appear as a separate order in "My Account" on justdealsstore.com.

When will I be billed and receive my Care Plan?

Care Plan billing and coverage start immediately. Special Care Plans have been created for 1-Hour Guarantee items that have extended coverage to ensure your purchase is protected for the full advertised length of the Care Plan.

If I return a 1-Hour Guarantee item, how do I get a refund for a Care Plan that I purchased during the online registration?

If you bought your Care Plan from the confirmation page after registering your 1-Hour Guarantee online and return your item within the standard return window, we will automatically refund your Care Plan purchase.

How do I cancel my 1-Hour Guarantee?

If you change your mind, you should continue to pick up the item in the store and then you can immediately return it for a refund.

When will my items arrive in the store?

Your items will be available for in-store pickup on or before December 24, 2015.

When should I be able to pick up my 1-Hour Guarantee items?

Customers will receive a "ready for pick up" email in mid-December when items are ready to pick up.

What do I need to pick up my items?

Be sure to bring the original receipt received in store when the 1-Hour Guarantee was purchased.

How long do I have to pick up once I am notified my item is ready? 

 You have until January 8, 2016 to pick up your 1-Hour Guarantee purchase.

What if I do not pick up my 1 Hour Guarantee purchase by
January 8, 2016?

You will receive an email that it has expired.  At that point, you can have your funds transferred from the original receipt to a physical Gift Card at a Just Deals Store store.

I bought an item that included a Gift Card. When will I receive the Gift Card?

Promotion gift cards will be given by the store at the time of pickup of the physical item.

Where can I find additional information?

For additional information, please call 877-745-0190.

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